From consumer applications to enterprise platforms managing millions of products, I’ve helped research, design, test, and ship products being used by companies of all sizes ranging from small startups to Fortune 50 brands including Lowe’s, AutoZone, and Home Depot.

Who I am.

An experienced product designer and brand builder that specializes in building experiences that are research-backed, tested, and scaleable.

What I focus on.

Providing consulting to startups, enterprise companies, and non-profits. Whether you need a sounding board, hands-on help, or a long-term partner, I’ll work with you to grow your product and business.

Why I love this.

From volunteer manager to teacher to ballroom dancer to business owner, I’ve worn a variety of hats focusing on providing thoughtful, tailored experiences on a 1-on-1 basis. Design and brand building helps me scale my lessons learned to provide empathetic, insightful, and enjoyable digital experiences for all.

Let’s get started.

Interested in working together on a project? Fill out the form or reach out to me directly at