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Contextual Scrolling: Increasing “Findability” in Platforms

A bit of context: our platform helps retailers & suppliers manage, improve, and distribute product data to increase sales, reduce returns, and improve time to market. With multiple Fortune 50 retailers as users, our platform manages A LOT of data. Currently, our product is extremely outdated, utilizing sunsetting, browser-specific, and painfully slow Silverlight. So, instead of improving the current version, our team is rethinking and reinventing the product experience in a complete end-to-end platform overhaul. One of the biggest hurdles, which provides a key opportunity to “win” users in our next generation product, can be summed up in a single user…

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Urgency and Its Essential Role in the Design Process

With an outdated Dell, new sketchbook, and a strict timeline to launch, my design career commenced in a small rural village in Thailand. Weeks later, on a tranquil afternoon on the side of Doi Chang mountain, I rested on the bamboo platform, pictured above, after signing a contract and handing over my life savings in cash to a group of Thai farmers. The contract, stating that we’d agree to purchase 3,500 pounds of coffee, was the most literal interpretation of ‘putting your money where your mouth is’ when it came to an idea. Studying entrepreneurship in college, I had a…

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Usability Testing Guide

An in-depth look into how our usability testing shaped our product (and the visuals & scripts we used to do it). Less than three months ago, I quit my executive-level job at a small, VC-funded IoT startup to join a local software company with a unique background and dire need for UX overhaul. With over 2.5 years invested in a product on a small team of 15, the decision to leave felt less like quitting a job and more like leaving a family. But, in order to grow in my career as a UX designer and entrepreneur, the decision wasn’t really…

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Moving Neighborhoods: My Favorite Analogy When Describing the Redeisgn Process

Broadway, hot chicken, Predators, and top universities are just a few of the things that have made Nashville one of the fastest growing cities in the country. On a daily basis, over 100 people start calling Nashville their new home. But, just like any growth spurt, Nashville is struggling to find ways to cope with the expedited change. When my wife and I moved here three years ago, the odds were not in our favor: we were jobless, disoriented, and in a crunch. Researching neighborhoods and gracefully transitioning into our new home was not a luxury that we could afford…

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